Harwood School Duxbury, VT

Additions and renovations to the Harwood Union School in Duxbury, Vermont involved 112,600 square feet of existing building and 45,000 square feet of new construction.

The total budget was $5.8 million.

New construction for the high school and middle school included a library and computer room, classrooms, laboratories, gallery and multi-purpose room, music studio, art room, lecture hall, a student services wing, and significant landscape improvements.

Today, the design offers a rich and varied arrangement of spaces that supports the educational philosophy of the school. The project was completed November 1997. Middle school class areas are organized for thematic teaching and learning, with resource rooms introduced between grouped classrooms for utmost flexibility. Facades with large expanses of glass strengthen connections between the building and its surroundings and admit generous amounts of natural light.

A new main entrance with a sweeping roof structure and pergola provides visitors and students with a sense of arrival, while a three-story vestibule to the south gives people coming from the parking lot a cheerful and dynamic side entry. The Senior High terrace with a sloped front yard and curved walkway, planters, benches, retaining walls and groves of trees ties the building to the site, and offers sunny places for students to gather.