Burke Town School

Over the month of December, we worked with the Burke Town School, in West Burke, VT, to complete a Facilities Analysis of their campus. The school consists of multiple classroom buildings, some of which are in serious disrepair, but is in need of additional space as their student body is growing. We provided the school with a report that offers a detailed analysis of the facilities from a structural view, as well as from the view of educational and programmatic limitations. We surveyed students, teachers, and community members to get their input on what areas of the school needed the most improvement, and what renovations and expansions they thought would benefit the students.

We also did in-depth research into the population trends of the district, the district’s educational goals, and the State’s educational directives, to ensure that any changes we suggested would be supportive of these aims. Additionally, we studied the utilization of the current facilities, in order to show just how fully the current spaces are taken advantage of. Finally, we completed a proposed program for the school, which consisted of three phases to be completed over the next ten years, and which prioritized the work based on our conversations with school administration, staff, students, and community members. This report should serve as a guidepost as the school moves forward with renovations and expansions, and we look forward to seeing where they take the project in the coming months.