Bean Residence Montpelier, VT

Photographer: Gary Hall Photography

This project involved the renovation of an existing 3,000 sq ft home in Montpelier, VT and a 600 sq ft addition.

The design was for a professional couple with three small children. They desired open-room layouts, ample amounts of daylight and equally important/pleasant/useful outdoor spaces.

The design takes full advantage of the site’s existing generous side and back yards. The poolroom opens with sliding glass panels onto east and west stone terraces for outdoor warm-weather dining/living room areas. The kitchen, dining and family areas are arranged as one space that opens onto the poolroom and terraces. Brightly colored and natural wood sliding-panels were used throughout the interior to allow the family to close off the office, dressing, bath, mudroom and bedrooms from adjoining spaces. Large skylights on the second floor wash wall surfaces and reflect natural light into adjacent spaces. New materials complement the existing building and are finished and detailed with a contemporary twist to differentiate old from new. The new entry additions and poolroom stand quietly adjacent to the original building, enhancing its formal qualities while remaining true to its time.