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  • 1999—AIA Vermont Award

Utilizing the form of a traditional Vermont Cape, the house is separated into three distinct volumes: Garage/Workshop, Living/Dining/Kitchen, and Master Living Quarters.

All being in a line, the Garage and Living volumes are separated to form an intimate courtyard. The Living and Master Quarters are separated to form an outside deck and screened porch.

The house was designed as a vacation home and will serve as the couple’s retirement home when the time comes. Native materials, exposed framing, open plan design, and steel stairs and railings were all incorporated to make a relatively small house feel spacious.

The AIA Award Jury commented, “For both inside and outside there is a very loving attention paid to details, texture, and color. The house sits proudly within its landscape and the Architects have skillfully shown how, in the process of good design, neither needs to be diminished.”