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Gregg Gossens, AIA Principal

Gregg is one of the founding partners of GBA. He is a committed believer of a collaborative creative process and the ability of design to transform and enhance communities.

Gregg received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning in 1978, and a Master of Architecture from the University of Minnesota in 1980. Gregg is active in both professional and civic organizations. He has been the past president of the Vermont Chapter of the AIA and currently serves on the board of directors of Montpelier Alive. Gregg is also an Adjunct Professor at the Norwich University School of Architecture and Art.

Gregg can be reached at

Tom Bachman, AIA Principal

As a founding partner of gbA, Tom is strongly committed to Vermont and New England communities and citizens. He believes architecture is a vehicle to connect people and places, and, for over thirty years, has enjoyed designing affordable housing projects, schools, libraries, and other community resources across New England. His projects’ successes can be attributed to not only building design, but also the cultivation of strong client/architect/contractor relationships.

Tom has been an active member of Vermont AIA since 1990. He served as Vermont AIA President in 2013 and sat on the Executive Board of AIA New England Chapter the same year. Tom has volunteered at the Central Vermont Good Samaritan Haven Homeless Shelter for over twenty years and currently serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors.

Tom received a Professional Architectural Degree from the University of Cincinnati before migrating to Vermont.

Tom can be reached at

Diantha Korzun, AIA LEED AP Principal

Diantha is a principal of GBA Architecture and Planning, and has worked as an architect in firms in Washington, Wyoming, Colorado, and Vermont for the past 20 years. Diantha is committed to socially conscious projects and the creation of beautiful, sustainable buildings that are suited to their environments. She believes architects can create positive change in communities through design that is both creative and thoughtful.

Diantha received a Masters of Architecture from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a minor in European Studies, from Carnegie Mellon University. She has been an active member of AIA, serving as the AIA Vermont Chapter President in 2012 and the AIA New England Chapter President in 2015.

Diantha is also on the architectural advisory board Edge of Seven, a non-profit that seeks to bring architectural projects and infrastructure improvements to developing countries in order to give women and girls increased access to education, health care, and economic resources. Most recently, in November, 2013, she went to Basa, Nepal, with other volunteers to assist in constructing an earthbag secondary school.

Diantha can be reached at

Christopher Balzano, AIA Architect

After spending 18 years working for several prominent architecture studios in Arizona and California, Chris has returned to the east coast. He was born and raised in New York and received a Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University. His passion for design lead him to gbA to join a team dedicated to enhancing the built environment and connecting individuals with their surroundings. Chris is currently licensed in Arizona and is an active AIA member. In his spare time, he can be found designing and fabricating furniture and jewelry; or outdoors exploring all that Vermont has to offer.

Steven Clark, AIA Architect

Steve was born and raised in Central Vermont. He grew up working for his father’s construction company, where he developed a strong interest in historic preservation and architecture. Steve joined gbA in 2017, after working for a number of firms throughout Vermont, and he brings nearly 40 years of architectural experience to the studio. He is an active AIA member, having served on the board and communications committee of the Vermont Chapter of AIA.

Steve received a Bachelor of Architecture from the Syracuse University School of Architecture.

Steve can be reached at

Dan Wheeler Architectural Designer

After years working as a carpenter, Dan pursued a career in architecture because of its potential to uplift both the individual human spirit, and whole communities. Since moving to central Vermont, the buildings and places designed by gbA have served as inspiration.

Dan received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Wheaton College, a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, and a Master of Architecture from Norwich University. Dan visits his home waters of coastal Maine whenever he can.

Dan can be reached at

Jess Gardner Architect, AIA

Jess’s interest in architecture and construction began at a young age. Between helping to renovate her family’s house in Western Massachusetts, and the never-ending supply of bricks her father would bring home from his job at Lego, her love for designing and creating buildings was inevitable. After attending Wentworth Institute of Technology, Jess joined gbA in October of 2015, and the firm’s emphasis on collaboration and design has allowed her to follow her passion for finding creative solutions to design problems, as well as to continue to learn about architecture and construction.

Join Our Studio

We are always interested in speaking with creative, experienced architects about joining our studio. We at gbA place an emphasis on collaboration and innovation, and we are always open to welcoming new team members who are passionate about architecture, sustainability, and creating community.

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