Architecture, whether new construction, renovation, or restoration is our art. We work with owners to produce architecture that meets their needs while creating spaces that are a joy to inhabit. GBA collaborates with consultant teams that are specific to the special needs of each project.

Our practice of architecture explores design, construction systems, and sustainable solutions that best serve the projects immediate and future needs. We apply our design skills to an unlimited variety of project types of all sizes. GBA’s detailed drawings and models help communicate design options with clients, funders, and users and can facilitate great contract administration.

Sustainable Design

GBA details every building to be tight and fuel-efficient with a small environmental footprint. We work within our client’s limits, to build sustainably. Our buildings continue to improve upon what has been done before as awareness and building science is improved. While you can see that we use environmentally preferable products and raw materials, often it is what you do not see that has the greatest impact.

Community Sustaining

A sustainable building is dependent on its connection to the infrastructure within a community. GBA focuses on design that encourages interaction between people and with the natural resources of the exterior environment, it is mutually beneficial. We also have worked on many projects for special needs populations (children, people with disabilities, elderly, and extraordinary individuals) that have made a place that is sensitive to their success and the success of the building.

Historic Preservation

GBA has worked on buildings on the National and State Historic Register and contributing buildings within historic districts. GBA can restore historic features and provide design solutions that update historic structures for modern and sustainable use.

Planning & Programming

Even prior to property ownership or lease, GBA can do Feasibility Studies, Site and Building Review, and Facilities studies. On a larger scale, GBA does campus and community master planning.