Architecture, whether new construction, renovation, or restoration, is our art. We work with owners to produce architecture that meets their needs while creating spaces that are a joy to inhabit. gbA collaborates with consultant teams that are specific to the specific needs of each project.

Our practice of architecture explores design, construction systems, and sustainable solutions that best serve the projects’ immediate and future needs. We apply our design skills to an unlimited variety of project types of all sizes. gbA’s detailed drawings and models help communicate design options with clients, funders, and users and can facilitate efficient, accurate construction administration.

Sustainable Design

gbA details every building to be sustainable and fuel-efficient with a small environmental footprint. We work within our clients’ limitations and find environmentally friendly solutions that fit within budget. Our buildings continue to improve upon prior examples of sustainable design as awareness and building science advance. While we often utilize materials that are visibly environmentally preferable, we also focus on making the less high profile aspects of our design equally sustainable. This includes systems and interior materials that the majority of building users may not even be aware of.

Creating Community

We design our buildings to contribute to the communities that house them. Our projects are structured to encourage people to interact with each other and their natural surroundings. The architecture of the spaces we inhabit effects our perception of our lived experiences, and we at gbA strive to ensure that our projects will promote healthy, collaborative experiences that bring communities together.

Another aspect of this goal is design for communities with diverse needs. We have created spaces for people with disabilities, elderly people, children, and extraordinary individuals, and we have been able to shape these projects to meet the specific needs of their inhabitants. This community-first approach to design ensures that each building is uniquely tailored to the people who will be experiencing and utilizing it.

Historic Preservation

Our studio has a wealth of experience working with buildings of a historic nature, including many on the National and State Historic Register. gbA is extremely knowledgeable in the restoration of historic features, and in the best methods by which to update historic structures for modern and sustainable use.

Planning & Programming

There are many stages to every project, and we understand that there are many steps to take before we begin creating detailed designs. We have completed many feasibility studies, site and building reviews, and facilities studies for organizations in need of additional information and guidance. These steps can be particularly helpful before buying a property, or before attempting to secure funding for a publicly funded project. This type of planning is an aspect of architecture that gbA both excels at and deeply enjoys. We find it incredibly rewarding to assist our clients in determining the scope of work that will be most beneficial to them. Every client and every project are different, and we are highly experienced in assisting clients to determine their specific, unique needs.