A Process of Collaboration

Long after our work with the client is completed, the new structure will remain. That’s why, in order to ensure that we create a space which meets our client’s needs, we employ a process of constant collaboration.

Programming Dialog

To begin, we engage the client in a dialogue to determine their exact needs. We discuss the functions of the space, the mood the client is looking to create, possible materials and textures, and more. We also assess the opportunities and challenges of the project: physical consideration, programming and cost restrictions, sustainability issues, and cultural concerns.

Creative Design

Based on our initial collaboration with the client, we generate sketches that explore appearance, scale, and adjacencies. These sketches are revised based on client feedback to formulate a final design concept. They function as a complete system, one that is customized for the place it will occupy and is also functionally and aesthetically appropriate for the client.

Expert Execution

We oversee the building of the space to ensure work is performed to the exacting standards of the client and gbA. Through a process of collaboration and committed, active listening, we transform a client’s vision into an important and functional work of art.