VSECU Waterbury & St. Johnsbury Branch’s honored at 2015 Vermont’s Going Green Award

The Vermont Green Building Network (VGBN) recognizes the most energy efficient buildings in Vermont and holds a competition that honors residential and commercial buildings that meet the highest standard of demonstrated building energy performance. The gala was held on March 31, 2016.

VSECU’s Waterbury branch received the 2015 Vermont’s Going Green Commercial Building award. It had a proven annual Energy Use Intensity of 46.8 kBtu/sf/yr. VSECU – St. Johnsbury Branch received an Honorable Mention, with a proven annual Energy Use Intensity of 50.5 kBtu/s/yr.

The median annual Energy Use Intensity of branch banks was 266 kBtu/sf/yr according to this 2015 study

Energy Star Study

That puts both branch banks in the top 5 percentile of energy efficiency nationwide using less than 100 kBty/sf/yr.

Starting in 2009, the Vermont State Employees Credit Union embarked on a campaign to improve the environmental performance of their buildings. In December of 2011, VSECU’s Rutland Branch became Vermont’s first financial institution branch to achieve LEED Gold certification.

— June 23rd, 2016