gbA Presents at ACX 2015

Jessie Baker, Assistant City Manager of Montpelier and gbA’s Gregg Gossens, AIA were presenters at the ACX 2015 – Vermont’s Architecture & Construction Expo. Their presentation, “Building an Energy Independent & Resilient Community”, featured the recently completed Capitol District Power Plant project.

The City of Montpelier in partnership with the State of Vermont, developed a central bio-mass fueled district power plant, providing a energy source for all Capital Complex state buildings and the entire downtown Montpelier district. The plant is located in the heart of the State Capitol Complex at the edge of the historic downtown and the district energy piping system runs throughout the entire downtown. It is anticipated that this new central facility will reduce state/city emissions by 11 tons per year and decrease oil usage by 300,000 gallons per year. The main goal of the district energy system is to make The City of Montpelier, and State Office Complex energy independent by utilizing locally sourced renewable resources. This goal is a primary resiliency attribute as well as setting up a micro-distribution grid and eliminating many individual heating sources all of which are located in a flood zone. Alex Wilson, the Director of the Resilient Design Institute states the following in regard to bio-mass district energy:”From a standpoint of resilience, a shift to this sort of renewables-based energy system will create a more resilient, distributed power grid with more diverse generation sources”. This district energy system is also an integral part of Montpelier’s goal of becoming the nations first net zero capital city.

— May 22nd, 2015