U-32 Wins National recognition for Energy Efficiency

U-32 has been named a Vermont ENERGY STAR® school. This achievement signifies that the school’s efficiency is in the top 25% of schools in the country and that it meets stringent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for healthy ventilation, year-round comfort, and lighting quality.

U-32 will be recognized at a public award ceremony at U-32 on February 20th . The ceremony will celebrate the continued success of Project Green School, an initiative that aims to put all Vermont schools on the path toward ENERGY STAR designation by 2020.

“This achievement reflects the commitment of the U-32 staff, faculty, students, administrators, and the entire community to have a positive impact on the natural environment. The U-32 learning community cultivates passionate, creative, and empowered learners who contribute to their local and global community. We see this award as a step to forge a better school, lower overhead costs and walk the walk of environmental stewardship in service to the U-32 communities and the citizens of Vermont” – Liz Gamache, Director of Efficiency Vermont.

U-32 School Project

— February 19th, 2015