GBA Receives 2012 Efficiency Vermont Design Award for the NAMCO Block

Gossens Bachman Architects received the honor at the Efficiency Vermont Better Buildings by Design Conference.

Some of the energy efficient design features include:

Extremely tight building envelope, replacement of 684 historically accurate windows and all exterior doors, a light colored membrane was used on the roof to reduce solar gain, green planted strips located between the parking area and the building to reduce heat gain, new boiler plant that reduced BTU’s from six million to less than two million, Energy Star lighting, exhaust fans, and appliances throughout building, basement was set up to allow for future wood pellet system to be installed, use of 97% recycled carpet, 90% of the demolition waste was recycled, use of water saving fixtures and low flow toilets, removed 95 cubic yards of contaminated soil from site, use of low VOC paints, no urea formaldehyde, etc.

Energy Efficient benefits include:

Lower tenant operating cost – on average savings is about $400 per year, lower maintenance costs, reduced need for air conditioning with paddle fans throughout, reduced Town of Windsor’s water and sewage treatment by 30%, reduced oil consumption by 40,000 gallons per year, high indoor air quality, reduced pollution entering river with high quality treatment of storm water runoff.

— March 28th, 2012