2010 AIA Design Awards

This year, GBA received three Design Excellence Awards from the American Institute of Architects.

The Honor Award, the competition’s highest honor, was awarded for the renovation of the existing NAMCO Block in Windsor, Vermont. An 85,000-square-foot structure originally built in the 1920s for the NAMCO Factory’s worker-housing. One jury member said, “It’s tough to make an aesthetic project, while engaging exceptional performance, on a tight budget.” The jury felt the project had done just that, while also “hitting all the bases” in terms of “historic preservation, ecology and affordability.”

GBA also received a Merit Award for their “Riverfront Office Building,” the firm’s own workspace. The jury praised the “simple and exciting resolution” that was achieved on a modest budget. The diversity of the design and construction materials was felt to create an inspirational working environment.

The final award was for their “Hillside House”, a private residence in Windsor County. The panel described the project as having a “simple, elegant and inventive plan with an engaging building form.”

These awards are a testament to GBA’s belief that Architecture is the art of collaboration between Owner, Design Team, and Contractor.

— December 17th, 2010